Seeing Life Through the Eyes of the Oppressed

Seeing life through the eyes of the oppressed
Tick tock time moves but I am standing still
No matter what I feel partially dressed
Unprepared for that city on a hill

Does God call me to live outside my soul?
To see your pain and engage
What chance do you have to be made whole
Pitted against the world and all its rage

Justice is bigger than you and me
More than ideals and dreams
To really reach out…touch feel see
Is much harder than it seems.

I’ll never be a savior but perhaps a friend
To live according to purpose divine
To say “Here I am God–please send”
To live attached to The Vine

To surrender my life to the way of Him
To carry the torch for someone else’s vision
Serving Christ you cant help but win
Today make a direct decision.

May He light my way and dream my dreams
May He be the light of my heart
I may not know what any of this means
And I think that is a great place to start.

Brooke Birkey


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