Family Style

       The days in the village of Khon Kaen in Isan Thailand were all about experiences. In life, people can collect things, collect money, or collect people. The key to a great life journey is a journey with Jesus and a life of collecting experiences. 

        Being in the village was an opportunity to collect experiences. The experience of adapting to a village bathroom. The experience of cheering su su (Go! Fight!) at the village boys soccer tournament. The experience of observing and cheering for little girls dancing at the championship game. The experience of eating together in a Thai family style meal. The experience of great Thai hospitality. The experience of baking cakes and cupcakes for amazing Thai children and young girls. The experience of decorating and throwing a birthday party for the village children. 
          All these experiences, creates memories that cannot be forgotten and remain memorable. 

Things can be lost. 
Money can be stolen. 
People can disappoint you. 
But journeying life with Jesus and collecting experiences – those will not fail you. 
Collect experiences. With Jesus.

– Kahlida 


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