Seeing Life Through the Eyes of the Oppressed


Seeing life through the eyes of the oppressed
Tick tock time moves but I am standing still
No matter what I feel partially dressed
Unprepared for that city on a hill

Does God call me to live outside my soul?
To see your pain and engage
What chance do you have to be made whole
Pitted against the world and all its rage

Justice is bigger than you and me
More than ideals and dreams
To really reach out…touch feel see
Is much harder than it seems.

I’ll never be a savior but perhaps a friend
To live according to purpose divine
To say “Here I am God–please send”
To live attached to The Vine

To surrender my life to the way of Him
To carry the torch for someone else’s vision
Serving Christ you cant help but win
Today make a direct decision.

May He light my way and dream my dreams
May He be the light of my heart
I may not know what any of this means
And I think that is a great place to start.

Brooke Birkey


If You Are The Lover of the Light


Poem Written By “Survivor”

I can’t breathe

I don’t want you here but I can’t turn you away

Can’t you see that I constantly seethe?

I tried so hard to stay aloof yet somehow I am in the midst of the fray

You have completely picked my seams out

Now I have no barriers to lean up against

Riddled with self-hatred and doubt

I wonder how this happened and when I traded my hypervigilance for freelance?

I never wanted to see this side of my heart

I have no idea what to do with all of this open space

I asked to be torn apart

What I didn’t know is You planned to undo me with Your grace

How can my self-hatred co-exist with your unapologetic, unabashed, unashamed, unfailing love?

How can I reconcile the two?

Recognize that my thoughts from Yours are like below is from above

But I cannot ignore what is true

If You are the Lover of the Light perhaps You can permeate the darkest parts of my soul

Parts long dodged with witticisms and long, busy days

Do I even have a chance of being healed and whole?

Is there a game on earth that I haven’t played?

Can You stare into the depths of my naked being

And not avert Your eyes?

Is there something in there that is worth seeing?

Were You there? Did You notice every time a part of me died?

It is getting  harder and harder to hide

From who I truly am

Maybe defeat of pretense is Your battle cry

Perhaps it is a part of Your plan.

Poem of a Survivor


There is not much introduction necessary here. Submitted by a survivor.
Sometimes the loudest screams are the most difficult to hear
Muffled by the layers of my soul
The origin of my torment is not always clear
But it surfaces when I fight for control
I reach for you when I need someone to save me from the most ridiculous and regretful pain
Words to not do justice to such despair
Perhaps there is still red blood coursing through my veins
Yet I cannot breathe through this thick air
I do not expect you to interpret my desperate  need to be rescued from the nightmares that still haunt me every day
In the recesses of my mind that I learned long ago to pretend do not exist
But truly – there is nothing that you can do or say
I’ve been down this road before and I am not interested in another tryst
Can you look deep into my soul and find it wanting, and yet find me interesting?
Or is life really either/or?
I find myself looking without really seeing
I find myself continually trying to walk through this closed door
Hate and rage and shame and sadness seep through every pore
Don’t you worry. I will cover up my malevolence with activity and personality
Sometimes I wonder if I will ever find my way to shore
Or will I waste the rest of my life on my deep and meaningful relationship with frivolity?
I will be invested in the most elaborate pretense
I won’t care if that is not the role you chose to play
Even if you play along let’s not pretend it makes any sense
Just another game for another day
Come on. Who in their right mind wouldn’t make this trade?
The fantasy of love to cover up blood-curdling screams
But…I’m exhausted and I do not want to resort to a covert raid
To escape the reality of the most horrifying dreams
Indulge me a moment longer in my fantasy?
No, no, no…today I must give air to my pain
Expose this part of my heart directly?
What could I possibly have to gain?
Redemption is what YOU PROMISE – to breathe life back into every lost drop of my shattered soul
Joel 2:25 is something YOU have said I may claim
Beauty for Ashes. Oil of Joy. Restore what the locusts have eaten. Something to make my brokenness whole.
Something to help me stop screaming in vain.
YOU say YOU hear my desperate cries
Sometimes I believe YOU, but only sometimes.
But every time I throw away my own body and heart another part of me dies
So I’ll keep digging in here and quoting these lines
Yes, I’ll keep digging in here and quoting these lines